A Modest Proposal on Fighting Radicalisation

When a Citizen of this Country is foolishly or wickedly misled into giving Support for the savage Ideology of Daesh (which considers itself an Islamic Caliphate or State), and when such a Person travels to the Territory occupied by Daesh, and when such a Person sees the true Nature of these evil people, and realises their mistake, and returns to their Homeland… I have a Modest Proposal.

Instead of prosecuting and imprisoning such a Person, why not let them warn Others against the seductive lies of Daesh. Let them explain the Dangers. Let them tell of the Misery and Opression in this so called State, the Hypocricy and Savagery of their Leaders and the Godless and Unislamic nature of their Teaching and Example? Who will be more effective than One who has seen with their own Eyes?

If we had labelled as Warmongers, and ignored all who had fought in the Wars of the past Century, we would have lost the Voices of our greatest War Poets – and some of the most powerful Writing of the Horror and Danger of War.

Why should we treat harshly our returning Citizens, disillusioned with the so-called Glories of War, and the pretended Piety of Daesh? Let their Warning be heard!