A Modest Proposal on Understanding Refugees

I have a Modest Proposal which may provide Clarity and Understanding in our Consideration of what may be the greatest Crisis of our Day.

Stop calling the Refugee Crisis a “Migrant Crisis.”

A War is in Progress before our Eyes, and whole Families are in Flight – not from Poverty, but from Death by Bomb, Bullet, and the Sword! This is a Human Disaster and must be treated as such – not with the niggardly Inaction that has been the Policy to date of Her Majesty’s Government.

Helping a Few Dozen People is a Drop in the Bucket.  It is a Blessing that the Prime Minister has been shamed into increasing the Number of Refugees from 216 to a few Thousand, but with the Scale of the War, it is still pitiful. We are shamed by the Generosity of Germany, Many of Whose People remember what it was to live under Oppression and in Fear.

We must keep in our Minds that this is not a Horde of Migrants seeking Riches, but a flood of Refugees, fleeing Death!