A Modest Proposal on Policy Laundering

In the past, Her Majesty’s Government used to legislate for what they believed to be the good of the Kingdom. Then it was discovered, or rediscovered, that by lobbying for Laws to ones Advantage, one could increase ones Wealth. This came to the Attention of the Press and the Public and it was not popular.

Now there is a better Means for the Powerful to obtain Laws to their Advantage. They lobby for International Agreements and Treaties that require the Governments to pass the same Laws. Since these Negotiations are not yet in the Sight of the Press and the People, the Laws can be given an air of Inevitability before there can be any Question. This is called Policy Laundering.

I have a Modest Proposal. End Policy Laundering!

Require the Negotiations for International Treaties to be carried out in the Public Gaze. Require the Participation of Civil Society Groups who can ensure the Interests of the Public are given the Consideration that is necessary. Scrutinise the Arguments of the Lobbyists. Demand Evidence for the supposed Advantages of their Schemes. Cost their Proposals.

Say no to Policy Laundering!