A Modest Proposal to Increase the Efficiency and Integrity of Corporate Governance

The Chain of Shopping Emporia by the Name of Tesco has been much in the News of late. It seems that the Leaders of the Corporation achieved astounding levels, either of Incompetence, or of Dishonesty. And yet they are allowed to leave quietly, with generous payments, perhaps to ensure their silence.

I have a modest proposal. When incompetence and dishonesty is detected in the Boardroom (especially where it may lead to the Ruin or Disgrace of the Company), should it not be treated as it would be in the lower orders of the same Company. Why not terminate the Employment of such Executives, without the huge Payments which seem to have become the Fashion; Payments whose Generosity would be unimaginable were the Fault to lie with more humble Servants or Officers of the Company. This cannot but lead to an Increase of Probity in the Boardroom, and Efficiency for the Enterprise as a Whole.

I believe it was Napoleon who said of his Admirals, it is necessary to shoot one from time to time, “pour encourager les autres“.

In such cases as these, as the Baron of Clapton, with his customary laconic clarity, would express it, the Word should surely be: “you’re fired!”