A Modest Proposal to Discourage Racism

I believe I have already written that we have just enough Religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love One Another. Once again the Truth has been mishandled, corrupted, by Men who have behaved like Yahoos.

A dissenting Clergyman by the name of Pastor McConnell expatiated upon the subject of Islam and the Followers of Mohammed. His remarks caused much Consternation, and Fears that the Increase already seen in Racist and Sectarian Attacks would be further aggravated. The First Minister of Northern Ireland, the DUP’s Peter Robinson, in what may have seemed Wisdom in his own Eyes, took to the Field to defend the Clergyman, to the Dismay of All not willfully blind to the certain Prospect of further Violence and Hatred.

Once again I have a Modest Proposal. When a First Minister, or other Person of Influence and Responsibility, feels the Need to Speak on Matters that touch on Hatreds and which may inflame base Passions, he should consider the Consequences for Public Order, and direct his Remarks to calm the Situation, to discourage Violence and Hatred, and to urge Toleration and Reason. He should not join his Support to Division and Suspicion.

When, as now, he fails to exercise such Judgement, he should apologise to those injured and intimidated as a Result of the Hatred thus stirred up, in his Country, and also to Christian Men and Women in Muslim Lands. And he should ensure, so far as lies in his Power, that such Crimes of Hatred are prosecuted to the fullest Extent of the Law.