A Modest Proposal on Fracking Taxation

There is a Scheme proposed by Her Majesty’s Government to encourage the Extraction of Oil and Gas by Fracking. George Osborme will halve the Amount of Tax they should pay. But in its natural State, Shale Gas does not have the Power of Locomotion. No other State can extract the Gas or Oil from underneath the Soil of England. No more Gas will be available for Fracking in this Land because the Tax is lessened and the Profits increased. If it is not extracted Today, it will remain available for when the Price is higher.

I have a modest Proposal. Tax the Oil Companies until they squeak. Let the Tax increase, not decrease. If they want to extract the Country’s Gas and Oil wealth, they cannot do it from a Tax Haven – unless we make a Haven just for them – so why not ensure the Country derives more Benefit from its own Wealth? Why throw Money at the Rich?