A Modest Proposal to Reduce the Impact of Flooding

The torrential Rains and flooded Rivers have wrought Havoc upon the Land, and in recent Days, many have seen their Homes flooded, and suffered much Loss of Possessions. While Her Majesty’s Ministers have but little Control of the Elements, as King Canute did show in Days of old, yet small Changes may do much to reduce such Calamity in future Floods.

I propose that Permission be no longer granted to construct Houses in Areas which are known to flood. To construct ones own Dewlling in such a Location seems the act of a Lunatick. To construct a Dwelling for Another in such a Place, without Regard for the Suffering which must certainly ensue, is the Act of a Scoundrel!

If, on account of the Dogma of the Market, Regulation should be considered harmful, then yet we may provide a Remedy, which in time shall solve the Problem. Make the Constructor of the House and the Council which granted Permission jointly and severally liable for the Cost of remedying the flood Damage. Each Time it happens. Then the invisible Hand of the Market may in Time fix the Problem.